Let’s talk packaging!

As I have previously mentioned before – polymer clay is a non-toxic PVC based medium which means its plastic based, one of the reasons I produce limited number with great quality and never a large amount of ‘waste’ left over.

Always trying to be kind to our planet whilst still producing amazing goods is my key goal and something I love about my wee brand.

I have never used plastic in my packaging always cardboard boxes which is great but still not enough.

Did you know that your regular sticker is vinyl based? After time vinyl breaks down into millions of micro plastics polluting our land and our waterways! All of our stickers used I buy from a small indi eco business and are made from recycled paper, the sticky adhesive is made up from water based acrylic and the sticker itself can be recycled and is even biodegradable. Same with our tissue paper and shredded tissue paper – usually these materials would have harmful chemicals i.e., ACID infused during the making process which makes them extremely harmful to our beautiful world, I always hunt and use acid free paper which means it can be reused/ recycled and is even biodegradable too. The paper I use is never compromised if its beauty or effectiveness.

And lastly our stamps – the ink used here is also non-toxic and acid free – it’s long lasting giving me the crisp results I need whilst providing great quality too.