The medium which the earrings are made of is a non-toxic PVC base called polymer clay.

Polymer clay is a wonderful thing, it’s super versatile and can be used in many ways - I use it to create super lightweight and easy to wear jewellery. With this medium being flexible it allows me to make very intricate designs and them still be strong and sturdy BUT as well as this they are also handmade jewellery – please remember they are delicate wee creations so please take care of them and do not bend them, this will make the component weak and give them the potential to break. 

The correct aftercare must be followed to keep your gems in great condition and give them the long life they deserve.;

  • After wear if needed, wipe down your jewellery pieces with a water based cloth to remove any dirt or residue left on the clay pieces – this can mean scuffs/make-up or oils etc. If water does not remove the marks you can *very gently* wipe them down with some rubbing alcohol and a bamboo or paper cotton bud – please be extremely careful when doing this as over cleaning the clay with alcohol can leave damaging effects such as discolouration of the clay or damage to details of the top layer. Do not do this on any foils or paint as this can affect the surface and potentially remove the top layer of the protection glaze.
  • They must be stored correctly to avoid any damage to your pieces, I would recommend to keep them stored separately from your other jewellery on an earring stand or at least give them plenty of room - this will avoid any bashing or potential damage to the product.
  • Do not drop or throw your earrings.
  • Do not wear them in water i.e. hot tubs/swimming or shower, although you’ll look fabulous in them it will cause the material to weaken and give them potential to break.
  • Long exposure to direct sunlight can discolour/weaken the clay.
  • Do not put your items in your mouth and keep them away from young children to avoid them putting items in their mouth too.

All earring posts are hypoallergenic meaning they are free of lead and nickel, our hoops are too lead and nickel free along with the hooks also being hypoallergenic or sterling silver plated. This makes your babes long lasting and ideal for those with sensitive ears, but for those who have extra sensitive ears we have an option to upgrade to sterling silver *on selected items for an additional cost - please contact to enquire about this.

Please note, I make each pair by hand which makes them imperfectly perfect. There may be finger prints/lint or little bumps in the clay, although I do try my best to remove these they can still occur. Colours of the clay may slightly differ to the photo - this can be due to different lighting/screen settings etc...