Unique bold polymer clay earrings that make a STATEMENT

Hey everyone!

My names Rikki, I'm the maker behind the page.

_BYRIKKI_HANDMADE Where to begin. My love for polymer clay began at the beginning of 2019 when my creativeness was at an all-time low, being a sufferer of endometriosis means a lot of time in the house & that's where it all took off. Stumbling upon polymer clay was like fate for me, as soon as I started playing around with the medium I knew I had to continue and expand from making earrings for just myself, so that's when I created the Instagram page  _BYRIKKI_HANDMADE (check us out) and it went from there.
_BYRIKKI_HANDMADE is an independent brand that is ran solely by myself – from the materials selected to make the art, the intricate designs being produced and the packaging of your orders here at my home in Dundee, Scotland – meaning every little detail is carefully selected and uniquely designed by myself which I hope is showcased throughout my work.

With polymer clay the ideas are literally endless - but to make sure my brand stands out from the rest I mix up my own colour recipes from different brands of clay making each pair truly unique - they can never be exactly replicated. And as you can see throughout my page I LOVE colour and BOLD prints and that's exactly what you'll see in my work. Fun unique pieces always made in limited quantities with great love and care. And although this is a new website my products have most definitely been purchased, wore and loved by all my amazing customers over on Instagram and Etsy, that's where you can see all my previous collections and ever expanding work.

Have a browse at _BYRIKKI_HANDMADE and enjoy.

Thank you, Rikki xo